Instagram – not so great after all?

I was always in the mind-set that social media never affected me. That when people said, “Oh spending all your time on that stuff will do nothing but bad for your mental health”, I always made excuses. I always said that the stuff didn’t affect me, or I wasn’t looking at that stuff at all.Continue reading “Instagram – not so great after all?”

Being thankful, even when you aren’t

Trying to say ‘thank you’ to the world when all your sadness can see is everything you don’t have or everything you have lost is a very hard thing to do. When I feel like I am at such a low point and in such a sad mood, I never stop and think about thingsContinue reading “Being thankful, even when you aren’t”

Being ignorant on social media

The saying ‘ignorance is bliss’ is very common. It’s very similar to ‘out of sight, out of mind’. But some people take it out of context and quiet literally bury their head in the sand rather than accept what’s happening. The context in which I’m talking about being ignorant is in the terms of socialContinue reading “Being ignorant on social media”

Anxiety. Wow.

For my first official blog post I thought I would talk about something that is the main problem in my life. Anxiety. It’s such a big word and such a generalised term today. People often say, ‘I feel so anxious’ or ‘that gives me anxiety’ and I always wonder if those words mean the sameContinue reading “Anxiety. Wow.”

A little bit about me.

Hi. My name is Fay and I’m 19 years old. I have recently just started my second year of uni. I have been looking to start a blog for over a year now but never felt that I had anything worth saying that hadn’t already been said. However, the more I thought about it, theContinue reading “A little bit about me.”

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