Being thankful, even when you aren’t

Trying to say ‘thank you’ to the world when all your sadness can see is everything you don’t have or everything you have lost is a very hard thing to do. When I feel like I am at such a low point and in such a sad mood, I never stop and think about things I should be thankful for instead of things I have lost. Sometimes I walk and look up instead of down. And when I do, I see everything to be thankful for and I smile (probably look very very crazy but that’s not my problem). Recently, I have been trying to find things to be thankful for, and there are so many that sometimes I can’t even begin to list them. But when you have things plaguing your mind, maybe something you are worried about, or a situation you can’t seem to fix or are sad because of something, it’s hard to say thank you. Because why would we say thank you when the things we are focusing aren’t going right? 

That’s the thing I struggle with the most, putting things in perspective. I struggle to have the worries in my head brought down to scale to see how actually big of a problem they are. To me, they are huge problems but when I think of things that could be in place of that situation, really I should be saying “thank you” not “why is this happening?”.

It’s hard to put yourself in other people’s shoes, and you shouldn’t compare yourselves to others and other people’s situations but when you listen to people’s problems and issues, we can be grateful that we aren’t in that position while also being compassionate. You can never ever fully understand how someone is feeling in a situation, but you can listen to them and assure them that the weight they are feeling from the situation is completely valid. That if their every conscious and unconscious thought is consumed by it, then that is okay. 

Something else to remember is that situations or feelings you feel yourself in, they will pass, and they always will. No matter how pressing they seem or how hard they seem to get out of, they will pass. It’s something I have took from learning how to cope with my anxiety is that “I have felt this way before and I coped with it and I will this time, it will pass and I will be okay again”, and I live by that. 

In terms of learning how to say thank you for what you have, if you find it hard to find something, try making a list with simple things at first for example “I have a roof over my head” and then as the list continues to grow it becomes more particular to you. I find it very helpful when I’m feeling down to make a list of things I have that make me happy and what I should be thankful for, and it makes me feel better. It makes me feel that even with what I’m going through, I’m lucky to have all the things on my list because some people dream of having what I have, even if it doesn’t seem like a big thing to me. 

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