New Years can be hard

Now we are at the end of 2019 and we are all about to start 2020 and another decade. But the changing of the years isn’t always easy. I really hate New Years eve. For me, I dont enjoy celebrating the changing of the years, I dont like drinking and clubbing and I dont like to countdown to midnight, but that is just me. A big part of me doesn’t really like reflection on New Years because I only look at the bad. Im always reflecting and remember things from the year that I loved, so I don’t find the need to do it for one day when I do it all the time anyway.

But I think the pressure of New Years is really hard. Last night, I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about the changing of the year. I was worried that I am not doing what everyone else is doing and going out. I was worried because if I were to post about my year, it wouldn’t amount to anyone else’s. I worry that my year wasn’t as good as other peoples, and in a lot of ways it wasn’t. I had one of the worst years I have had, despite so many good things happening to me, and I think that is common of most people. But everyone on social media posts a different version of themselves. I dont think anyone I know will be posting the bad moments from this year. People will post photos of them laughing rather than pictures of them crying, because why would they want people to think they had a bad year.

People love that changing of the years because for some of them it is an opportunity to change themselves but there is nothing to say that they can’t set that in motion at any day of the year. For me, this New Years eve, all I will be doing is seeing another year off. Another year that wasn’t a good year but NO ONE can have a perfect year, no matter how much pressure is applied to it. Everyone will have bad days, no matter how much they try to say ‘I will look for the good in everyday’ because that is almost impossible when you are having a bad day.

So for this new Years, please don’t look at other peoples re-caps of their year and want to be them or question why you aren’t like them because that won’t help at all. No matter how bad your year was, you got through it and you are on the other side. And if you aren’t celebrating tonight, like me, or don’t enjoy New Years why not treat tonight like any other night? Do what you would normally do on a standard Tuesday night. Watch tv, read, cook, have a bath, whatever you usually do, do it the same. I know for a fact that me and my mum don’t even realised it has gone 12 till about 12:24, and I like it that way. But if you are going out this New Years eve, stay safe and celebrate! Enjoy being out with your friends and partying the year away because you deserve to do that. Everyone deserves a fresh start. But while you are planning out your fresh start, please don’t dwell on the past because its over and its gone and all you have now is another year that will be up and down, because having an up and down life is how you know you are living a normal life. After all, you don’t know what’s good without having the bad.

One thought on “New Years can be hard

  1. Well said Fay! Flipping brilliant (as usual). Please don’t ever change because you are one of the wisest, kindest people I know (you obviously take after me 🤣). Love you lots xxx


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