Being ignorant on social media

The saying ‘ignorance is bliss’ is very common. It’s very similar to ‘out of sight, out of mind’. But some people take it out of context and quiet literally bury their head in the sand rather than accept what’s happening. The context in which I’m talking about being ignorant is in the terms of social media. Learning how to ignore petty things you see online, arguments, who likes and who doesn’t like your photos and ignoring what you see others doing. As a teenager, it’s easy to become so absorbed with social media sites that you LIVE for what to post. I consider myself ‘normal’ in the idea I spend a lot of my time on social media. But when I take a step back to look at why I go on social media, I don’t really have an answer. 

Social media is truly revolutionary. I could message someone who is in Australia or see how a certain celebrity has had their nails done. It has made the whole word so much more interconnected, much more than it has ever before. For so many reasons, there is so much to be celebrated in terms of social media and so so much to be grateful for. But the downfalls can cause people to edit themselves to fit into the expectations of social media. 

I feel like I always look for appreciation in the form of a little heart. If my photo isn’t liked by someone in particular or if someone doesn’t like my tweet, I think about it. I worry that my post wasn’t good enough or they didn’t like me, but why does it matter? Face-to-face appreciation is so much more important in today’s generation where people spend more time looking down at their phone than up and looking at the people and places around them. Now, after stopping focusing on likes, I would much rather have a smile or a hug from someone in real life, not a like. 

I recently read a post on Carrie Hope Fletchers blog (which I will link below) that really made me think about who I post on social media for. I rarely post things on my story on Instagram or tweet things just because I feel like sharing it. Usually, I think about what other people will see when they see what I post, and it is exhausting. Sometimes I find myself looking at my social media pages to see what other people would see if they went on it. I worry that what I post would be embarrassing or that I look a certain way in a photo that I shouldn’t post it because people will judge the way I look. Only recently have I started posting for me. Posting pictures that mean something to me and doesn’t mean anything to the people mindlessly scrolling past them. I owe nothing to the pixelated people on the internet, and neither do you. You don’t need to post a picture looking a certain way or share something that will make people think you are amazing. Share things you feel are worth sharing with the world. And show people the real you. The you that is happy and REAL. Don’t filter yourself to fit in, be unique. And if you find yourself not having anything worth posting, then don’t post anything. I very rarely post on Instagram and it’s because I don’t want to, and when I do, it’s something that I feel happy with sharing. But, if it makes you happy to post things, then do it! But maybe don’t live for it, live for real people in your real life a bit more than pixelated people. 

(Link to Carrie’s Blog post – )

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